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Rudraksha mala made with pure silver caps and white sandalwood beads. Perfect for a rudraksha gift or fashionable wear.
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  • Made with highest quality Nepali rudraksha beads.
  • 8 beads of white sandalwood beads as neck supporter.
  • Silver used are pure 85-92% pureness.
  • Pure silver circular capping to give the mala stunning look.
  • Each bead contains two numbers of circular silver cappings.
  • Length of the mala - When 24 beads of rudraksha used = 12 inch.
  • Perfect to be worn as mala.
  • The mala are properly energized and made japam on the wearer name before dispatch.
  • Additional shipping cost of 35/- INR is applicable.
  • Size of the beads = 15-21 mm.
  • Origin of beads = Nepali origin.
  • Quality of beads = super quality beads.
  • Color of beads = brown / Sandalwood color beads.
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